Friday, May 25, 2007

Quotes on Prayer

"The purpose of prayer is not to convince God to think in our terms but to bring us to think as He thinks and to desire those things which are according to His will."

"In asking for daily bread, forgiveness for our sins, and protection from Satan's devices, we must do so with a desire for the glory of God."

"Satan is not overly interested in disobedient, rebellious sinners; they are already under his control. The servant of God who seeks to glorify God, on the other hand, will, like Job, be subjected to his subtle devices and attacks--attacks which no man has the wisdom or strength to withstand by himself."

(All quotes by Linleigh J. Roberts)

These quotes are from Roberts' booklet "To Seek and to Save that which is Lost." It is from his series, "The Biblical Foundations for Missions Series." The booklets in this series are well written and valuable information for serving God and seeking His glory. You can check out more information on them here, at the Biblical Foundations International website.

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I agree... great website and biblical resources. Thanks for posting.

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