Thursday, March 08, 2007

Holy Bottled Drinking Water

Since Purgatorio's not around to share this- An article in the local paper today mentioned both a US and a Canadian company who are selling Bottled Holy Water--not for use in Roman Catholic rites, but for drinking.

The US version is based in--where else--California. You can read more about it here. The Label on it warns-
If you are a sinner or evil in nature, this product may cause burning, intense heat, sweating, skin irritations, rashes, itchiness, vomiting, bloodshot and watery eyes, pale skin color and oral irritations.
So I guess that includes all of us. I don't think this sort of thing was covered under the atonement.

The Canadian Version is based in Alberta--not BC, like I thought. It's actually a non denominational church that prays over the water.

Or you can go here and see how silly it gets. (Or is this page a spoof?--it's hard to tell--but the other ones are apparently for real.)

Now really--what is up with this? Is it crass marketing? Is it disrespect for God? Whatever the true motives of the people behind these ventures, it's hard not to laugh, and it's hard not to mourn the way God is taken so lightly.

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Blogger David said...

This reminds me of the religious infomercial I saw a few years ago. A group was selling their "miracle blood," the blood of Jesus. One drop would heal all that ails you. A woman cam on screen and told of her daughter's demon possession and how she added a drop of the red liquid to her wash and the demon left her daughter. I know the blood of Jesus cleanses us, but I have never read in Scripture that happens in the wash.

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Blogger pilgrim said...

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