Monday, February 19, 2007

I'm back, they're not

Actually I used that as a title just over a year ago.
It was referring to an absence of myself from blogging, and also an end to 2 favorite blogs of mine--which in my latest absence from blogging have called it quits again--since they left their blogs up--I'm leaving the links to them at this time. If you haven't checked them out before--please do so...

Here's the post from over a year ago, so you can see what I'm talking about...

I've never kept a regular blog schedule, and I respect those who do.
I also respect the decison of those who put much time in their blogs to step back, take a break or even stop.
That doesn't mean I won't miss the blogs though--or the writers.

I've seen this all over the blogoshere, but wanted to say a more formal farewell here.

The Calvinist Gadfly is calling it quits, and according to the first post it will be left up until Jan 16.
So if you've never checked it out before--do it now.
Alan Kurschner wrote a thought provoking, entertaining, and insightful blog.
It will be missed. But he has been called to other work. He has indicated he may blog from time to time here.
Thanks for what you've given us Alan.

Then Purgatorio contained an announcement from its creator, Marc Heinrich. He had already announced he would slowing down, but now has posted he's stopping, although he's leaving the blog up. He may be back later, he may not.
Marc provided laughs, poignant commentary, and provoked thought.
And the comments on his announcement thread show he will be missed as well.
Marc is also listed as a contributor to Doxoblogy, another fine blog out there.

Well Alan and Marc--thanks. And may God bless your endeavours as He leads you elsewhere.

Again--I thank them for what they've done.
Marc is not a contributor for Doxoblogy anymore, but it's still a good blog.
Both Purgatorio & Calvinist Gadfly returned after theis, but have shut down again--at least Mark's last post is called "Hiatus", so there is hope.

Me, I'm back.

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