Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Christmas Prayer

Well, not a specific prayer you can read out, but just what I hope for all of you. Since the only true hope is in Christ it is a prayer as well.

While there is no perfect Church here on earth, I pray that each one of you is either in a faithful, Bible believing Church with good teaching. And if you're not, that either you will find one soon, or you current congregation will become one.

And I pray that not only is your congregation faithful in doctrine, but also in practice. I pray you would see the love of Christ in the people there. And if not--again that your congregation finds that balance so neither doctrine nor practice gets slighted. That they would realize if you have the doctrine right--the practice should follow. And if not, again that you would find one.

I'm not here to boast--but I think the congregation I belong to has both.
For them I thank God. Amen.

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Blogger Nan said...

And we thank God for you and your family Pilgrim! Merry Christmas!!

3:28 PM  
Blogger pilgrim said...

Merry Christmas too--
And Happy New Year.

I could give several specific examples of what I was describing, but I don't feel at liberty to reveal them all...

9:12 AM  

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