Thursday, December 14, 2006

Children Taken Into Custody After Drug Busts

Children taken into custody after drug busts
I don't know how long this site leaves the stories up, but go take a look. It's a brief summary, but check if the video link still works.

Police have been cracking down on grow ops, and the common things to look out for are well known-"How to spot a grow op". So the criminals are using families to camouflage the grow op homes. This means children are being exposed to the chemicals and fumes found in grow ops, as well as having access to the drugs. They are also in danger of electrocution (Or electric shocks), as grow op homes usually have the electric meter bypassed, resulting in exposed wires. In at least one of the cases in the link above, exposed wires ran through a child's bedroom.

These are cases of child endangerment and abuse. It shows how greed will cause people to put their own children at risk.

Some may say that if marijuana was legalized these sort of things wouldn't happen. Somehow I doubt it. Those children would have been at risk in some other way. We are all sinful, and the greed that caused these parents to disregard their children's safety would pop up some other way.

May we all realize though, that as sinful humans, we would all be capable of such neglect. May we thank God that He provided His Son to deal with the sin of His people.

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