Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ordering around the Holy Spirit?

In my "Merry Christmas" post I received a question about a comment I had made at Purgatorio. The question had to do with the so called "Holy Laughter/Toronto Blessing" movement of several years back. (If you're not familiar with it--there are lots of links if you do a search.) The question was-
i was just wondering what you meant by "ordering the Holy Spirit around" thanks!
A few years ago, John Arnott-a pastor at the Toronto Airport Vineyard where the "Toronto Blessing" started- came to a local church to share the blessing.

A group of my friends and myself went to check it out. I will admit we doubted it, but wanted to see it first hand.

What we saw was more a performance than anything else. One of the worst parts was hearing Arnott order the Holy Spirit around. This wasn't someone claiming the promises of God. He was ordering the Holy Spirit as if he was owed something. He wasn't submitting to the Sovereign God, but was acting as if he was the one in charge. Yes, the Holy Spirit was sent as a helper, but that doesn't make Him a servant we get to boss around. We don't, and can't, deserve His help in any way. Arnott acted as if he was in charge of the sovereign God. He told the Spirit he was commanding Him. There was no reverence. While this is my impression, I flet like He was demoting the Spirit, and promoting himself. Read John 3 to see how the Holy Spirit works. Read Acts to see Him as God.

Hopefully that answers the question, if not let me know.

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