Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Presbytery Time Again

Actually it's come and gone.

It was a very good Presbytery overall. It was mostly good news, with some exciting news for the future. God was praised, prayers were made, God's Word was opened and read and exposited. I was encouraged, and so were others. The host church did a great job.

We're a young Presbytery in the PCA, and so a meeting like this one was helpful in our growth.

Some things were sort of bittersweet, some we'd rather not ahve had to hear, but overall a very positive experience.

Some of the people there were great encouragers. Some of these were brothers and sisters who had praying for me in my recent trials, and were encouraged by how I have recovered-(And that I was able to attend.) That is one thing I love about Presbytery-the chance to encourage one another face to face.

Some things there gave me ideas for possible posts down the line, and hopefully to encourage those who read them. They won't be specifically about the people or events that gave me the ideas, but looking at a bigger picture.

And so to all who planned and rpepared for Presbytery, to all the people I spoke with and enjoyed fellowship with, and to all who had been praying for me, I'd like to thank you.

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