Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Silly Story about Roman Catholicism

I call this a silly story, because if you're not a Roman Catholic it shouldn't bother you. It shouldn't bother you because you probably don't believe the premise to start with, so the story doesn't matter. If you are Roman Catholic you may or may not put stock in the premise. If you don't, again it doesn't matter. Only Roman Catholics who take the premise seriously need worry--and I'd think most of those would be likely to believe the offical version of it from the Vatican. Maybe it was a slow news day. Maybe, like me, they found it oddly amusing.

Vatican denies hiding the full truth about the end of the world

As I am not a Roman Catholic anymore, and I don't believe Mary really appeared to the three children and she didn't give them any visions I don't believe in the "Secrets of Fatima." Subsequently, even if the Vatican is hiding details, it doesn't matter. But still, for some reason, I do find this oddly amusing.

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Blogger Joel said...

I figure it's in the secret Vatican vaults along with the Donation of Constantine and the documents proving that the pope created Islam. And Elvis is guarding it.

A chap called Nightfly has a really good explanation of why it's a silly conspiracy. I don't get really worked up about apparitions one way or the other, myself. Interesting if they're happening, and there are some pretty incredible miracles connected with Lourdes, but my faith doesn't hang on them one way or the other.

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