Monday, October 17, 2005

Calvinist Gadfly makes a good point

Calvinist Gadfly makes some good points in this blog article I've linked to.

I believe that there are believers who are not Calvinists or not Reformed, but it can be helpful to discuss and debate these teachings. And when people attack them, as Dave Hunt has, then they should be defended.

One point I have brought up myself, in speaking with Arminians, is this one-
"In other words, I cannot imagine that Dave Hunt prayed as such, “God, only whisper in my unbelieving relative’s ear, but don’t change their heart unless you’ve been given permission by this person.” I do not know of a single person who prays like this. If Arminians pray for God to change their unbelieving relatives’ heart, then why don’t they actually believe it apart from their prayers?"
(emphasis mine)

Hunt has also gone so far as to suggest Calvinists are not saved. (From his newsletter)

This has been addressed on other blogs--including Calvinist Gadfly's.

Now I'm not posting this to bash Dave Hunt--but to link to a well written article on Calvinism that raises some valid points. Read it for those points. Let the article make you think--even if you don't agree.

And feel free to comment on it here-whether you agree or not.


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