Sunday, October 16, 2005

It's sort of odd, and yet it isn't

I wasn't sure how to title this, but just wanted to share this, maybe to make you think.

There I was at a prayer breakfast, and the pastor of the host church starts speaking about an elderly church member. The night before he was rushed to the hospital, and they didn't have much hope he'd survive.

While they were happy he'd be with his Lord, they were sad. Now that's not the odd part--that's normal for Christians. We rejoice they're with their Lord, but grieve that they are no longer with us here on earth.

I had never met the man. I had no idea who he was. Yes I felt sad for the people there, as I know many of them-and they were losing a friend. What was possibly odd was the sense of loss I felt while the pastor spoke of his dear friend and brother in the Lord. I felt like I had known him, and he had been my friend. Perhaps one day we will speak about it. Maybe it's not odd, maybe I was just grieving with those who grieve. (Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.) After all, the Church is a family, and we are all connected. We had rejoiced together before that, now it was time to weep.


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Last I heard he was still with us, and the family is being bathed in prayer.

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