Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Links of the Week

Each week I will try to post 2 links not found in my link section.
One will be to a Christian/religion/theological type site.
The other will be to a "non-religious" or secular site.
It may seem odd to do Links of the week mid-week, but then I'm a non-conformist of sorts.

One of my interests is sports logos. I drew my own as a child-both for existing teams, and ones I made up. If a team is changing its logo, I'm interested in seeing what they came up with. This interest led me to discover this site, which tracks the helmets of football teams from various leagues, including my favorite-the CFL.

The Helmet Project

Another of my interests is the Puritans. Fire and Ice is an informative and valuable resource for Puritan writings. And it's fun too.

Fire and Ice


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