Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Yes it's almost Presbytery time here.
And I am excited about it.
While I know there are those who agree with me, I'm sure some of you may be scratching your head and going, "presba-what?"
And others are going, "Presbytery exciting? Are you crazy?!?!"

Well maybe I am crazy--but let me try to answer both questions.

Presbytery is a level of Church Government found in Presbyterian and Reformed Churches--although sometimes the name or some of the details are different. But basically that's what it is. Pastors (Teaching elders) and ruling elders from a specified geographical area meet to pray, worship, encourage, and take care of business.

When I started attending a Presbyterian Church many years ago I learned what Presbytery was. Then about a year ago I attended my first one. It was like night and day. It's like the difference between your friend describing a football game to you and actually seeing the game. It was exciting to see it at work, not just hear about it.

Many years ago a friend of mine attended Presbytery. He was working towards a degree and had plans to go into the ministry. When he came back he was more excited than I'd ever seen him, and last fall I found out why.

It's not just reports and votes and discussion. It's prayer, worship, encouragement-as I posted above. It is a sweet time of fellowship. I even followed General Assembly--the top level of presbyterian government--on the internet.

I'm sure I'll have some news to share when I return. (And I may be able to blog while it's going on. I do have plans to blog between now & then.)

Hopefully, whichever type of Church government your congregation practices you'll have the opportunity to see it in action, and it will excite you as well.
It's God at work, through His people, the Church.


(Here's a link to the PCA's Book of Church Order explaining the levels of Church Government-it's a bit dry, but gives the basics. In action it isn't dry at all!)


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