Thursday, October 06, 2005

Links of the Week #4

Each week I will try to post 2 links not found in my link section.
One will be to a Christian/religion/theological type site.
The other will be to a "non-religious" or secular site.

First, if you have ever been blessed by the ministry of the 19th century Baptist preacher, Charles Spurgeon, you probably already know about this site. That doesn't make it any less of a gem though. Check it out again, or for the first time. Read the words of a man greatly blessed by God, and see the Saviour proclaimed.
The Spurgeon Archive
There is also a collection of his sermons here.

Next, if you enjoy the oddities and complexities of the English Language, then check out Richard Lederer's Verbivore site. It can be quite funny at times, and also educational- (In a good way.)
(WARNING! This link brings up a picture of a man in a funny hat!)


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