Friday, October 07, 2005

Book recommendation #4-John Plowman's Talks by Charles H. Spurgeon

JOHN PLOUGHMAN’S TALKS is a little different from most of Charles Spurgeon’s other writings. The book consists of 24 short chapters on a variety of topics. It is written in a different style than his other books and sermons. Spurgeon introduces his book this way, “In John Ploughman’s Talks, I have written for plowmen and common people. Hence refined taste and dainty words have been discarded for strong proverbial expressions and homely phrases...If some learn these lessons I shall not repent the adoption of a rustic style...There is no particular virtue in being seriously unreadable.” The book takes aim at various vices and offers advice on virtues that counter those vices. It is an interesting style that works well.

In reading this book I felt convicted and challenged in places. Some of the vices Spurgeon addresses are mine, and some of the virtues he encourages are not mine. He doesn’t leave you to despair, but offers practical advice in a down to earth manner. There is also humour in this book. It is a strength of this book and its author that it can make you laugh in different ways and also convict you. Some of the expressions in this book are no longer commonly used and there are some references I didn’t understand, but these are a small percentage, and I understood more than enough of this book to profit by reading it. I trust you will too. Do yourself a favour, and check it out. Like all of Spurgeon’s work it will point you to Christ.

It is available online here.
In book form I have seen it published by different companies.


Blogger David said...

Pilgrim, I feel so much like John Wayne, cloudaudio has an interesting podcast of Spurgeon. His sermons done as pod casts, by some British actor. They can be found on itunes. Kinda neat to hear a British voice to ole C.H.

4:03 PM  
Blogger pilgrim said...

I've heard about that--I have yet to check them out though.

12:11 AM  

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