Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Book Recommendation-Spiritual Warfare & satan’s schemes by Rev Darrin Lauder

There it was, a small book sticking out among the others in the spiritual warfare section. Some were books that blamed everything on demons and told how to get deliverance. Some told how to address the demons, while others saw demons under every rock, and around every corner. This one looked to Christ and His Word.

In his first book, Darrin Lauder uses a devotional approach presenting 31 meditations on spiritual warfare. It’s an easily accessible book that is practical and biblical. I like the approach as it allows Rev Lauder to target several areas and aspects of true biblical warfare. And while he urges us no tot be ignorant of the devil’s schemes, (2 Cor 2:11) he points us to Christ in every chapter.

This book grasps the reality of God’s sovereignty and our responsibility. The Lord is our strength, and we fight the battle in His power. He helps us to persevere. Yet we can not ignore the situations where we may stumble and fall. This is every day Christian living, not dramatic demon hunting. It may not seem as dramatic, but following Christ has its own drama.

I do know of people who minister in cultures where demons are given undue attention. They do encounter more dramatic situations than most of us do. I am glad I do not have the encounters they do, but the devil’s schemes are no less dangerous in my life. They may be more so in some ways as they can be much more subtle.

Reading this book I was reminded of C.S. Lewis’s Screwtape Letters. In that book he points out the devil’s two main schemes are get us to ignore him or even deny he exists, or to go the other way and obsess about him. Unfortunately much of the Church does one or the other. But this book presents a good balance-we are not ignorant of his schemes, but we focus on Christ, and go to Him.

One of the chapters I enjoyed the most was one on perseverance through pain. (Those who were reading this blog in November and onwards know, at least in general that I lived through that.) While he wrote this book before I experienced my pain, Rev Lauder wrote words I could relate to so well. With the Lord’s grace I made it through.

I also enjoyed the chapter on James 4:7. That is a wonderful verse that sums up how to deal the devil. Submit to God and resist the devil. Of course if we submit to God we will resist evil and sin. Unfortunately we don’t always submit.

I certainly recommend this book. You could use it as a devotional, as a starting point for study-individually or in a group, or just read it as any other book. But digest the words and go to the Word and pray. And yes, the author is an old friend of mine, but it is encouraging to see growth in him from many years ago, and to see familiar patterns in his writing.

You can find the book online, and there’s more info at his church website.

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