Friday, June 22, 2007

"The Church includes all of us."?

I caught part of the news tonight and saw a story on the Anglican Church in Canada discussing whether to "bless" same-sex marraiges. There's a story about it here.

On the news report they spoke with a man in a "Committed homosexual relationship."
He said he wanted to see if the Anglican Church would conclude that, "The Church includes all of us."

I wonder if that man realizes that his statement is actually an oxymoron. The word "Church" is often used in the New Testament to translate "ekklesia" or "the called out ones" or "assembly of called out ones."

If the Church includes us all, then who exactly is called out? And what are they called out from?

(I realize some people disagree with the use of "Church" for "ekklesia", but the principle is the same.)

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Blogger Todd Pedlar said...

Reminds me a great deal of how oftentimes (and our campus - Luther College, Decorah, IA - is no different) church-related colleges treat the whole college community as though they were "a congregation", with all the rights and privileges of being part of "the church". It shows a disdainful regard for the distinction between the church and the world, and a fundamental misunderstanding of Scripture (but then what's surprising about that?)

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