Friday, February 17, 2006

Links to Some Recent Blog Posts

Here are some links to blog posts I've encountered recently, that I'd like to share-

Clint of Cowboyology has an interesting post on how a Bible study changed into something else. Mad Cow Bible Study.

The Doxoblogist blogs about blogging as a Christian (and related stuff.)

Bradford Mercer of the First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Mississippi has an entry entitled Valentine's Day and Those Sexy Puritans. Seriously.

The Jollyblogger has a post on the Gospel of Thomas & Women.

Chris Giammona of A Mind Awake has a very good blog, and here's a short post on
Gospel vs Cross centred life.
A Mind Awake home page

Marc of Purgatorio always has something to make you laugh and think. Here's a take off on Daniel and Word verification for blog comments.
And his latest installment of Divine Vinyl

The Sojourner asks, "Do People Who Have Never Heard Of Jesus Go To Hell?"

The Two Reformed Guys of Soli Deo Gloria continue their series on Did Christ Fail?

The Zavablog adds Book reviews.

Kim Riddlebarger has a fun post on relics.


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