Monday, January 30, 2006

A link to a blog comment

This cracked me up-
Jeremy at Doxoblogy was waxing semi-seriously about going the group blog route as we've recently seen with Pyromaniacs and Calvinist Gadfly.
(Actually my blog name may have been subconsciously influenced by a possibility to go to a group blog.)
This is the post.
Check out the comments.

John Rush had this comment.
John Rush said...
How 'bout:


You could sing along with Mary Poppins on Supercalifrajilistic....

You know...
La, la, la...Ahem. Ahem... Hear we go...

We're so dead and cold, you could almost say we're frozen.-
Cannot get to heaven 'less you say that you are chosen.-

Or some such thing...

JRush Equal Opportunity Offender: thinking of an ultra-Arminianistic Dispensational, Anthropo-centered chorus.

Just in case you missed it and needed a laugh.


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