Saturday, January 21, 2006

Links of the week January 21

I had this all set to post last night, and when I clicked on "publish" Blogger crashed--so now I have to re-do it.
So the lesson is save your work.
A lot of what I post is written in other formats & transferred here, but as LOTW is usually a short piece I write it directly to Blogger--well now I know.

Link one-
Don Kistler has done the Contemporary Church a great service in being one of those who reprints Puritan works through Soli Deo Gloria Books. They also publish multi author books on various themes. (Such as Onward Christian Soldiers, reviewed
here. Check out the link for a page SDG calls, "Meet the Puritans."

Link two-
I've previously mentioned an interest in sports logos. Here's an interesting site that presents the NHL uniforms for each team season by season. A lot of work went into this. I find it interesting to follow the progression various teams have made, and to see the teams that no longer exist. It's called


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