Saturday, February 04, 2006

Links of the week for this week

Well I posted last week's on Monday--so I thought I'd clarify which week.

First-A joint effort of the Presbyterian Church in America's Christian Education and Publications' ministry, and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church's Committee on Christian Education. It's called-Great Commission Publications.
It's a resource for Christian education. I can't vouch for all the levels--but the Junior High materials have a lot of good stuff in them, and the books allow today's kids to see how kids looked in the 80's. (Okay---they have updated the photos on the covers.) The materials are flexible, in that you can improvise, cut back or expand, without too much trouble.

Second- Since this weekend is the Super Bowl--here's a look at the CFL's attempt in the 90's to expand into the USA-
The American Experiment
The CFL in America

Just to remind everybody, there is professional footbal in both the US & Canada--but there are differences.


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