Friday, February 17, 2006

Links of the Week February 17

I always have to look twice after I type or write "February"-it just looks "wrong" somehow.

Well here are this weeks LOTW-
9 Marks-
An interesting and informative site on marks of the Church. Mark Dever is the main "name" associated with this site, and they post articles by a variety of authors. Some good reading for encouragement, exhortation, correction, and instruction.

1972 Summit Series-
A highlight in Canadian hockey history. The Olympics only allowed amateurs back then, and there was debate over whether the Soviet team was really an "amateur" one.
Canada stopped sending teams to the Olympics as they couldn't send their best.
In 1972 the Soviet team took on a team of NHL players, who were in for a surprise.
They fell behind in the series and came back to win it in dramatic fashion.
Relive the series here, or learn about it.


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