Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Slaves of Uprightness

The title above is part of what I got when I entered the French translation of my Blog (see below) into babelfish. (Yes I know it is not the most accurate way to translate.)

But the results were amusing.

The top of the "re-translated" blog now reads-
Slaves of uprightness (Romance 6:18)
A list of the reading recommended, bonds, thoughts random and comments of a reformed Christian prospect. And it is Canadian Westerner too.
I'm now a "reformed Christian prospect." Does that mean I could get traded?

Other results-
-I link to a blog called "Horsefly of Calvinist"
-In a book review it says-"Perhaps I should have another recommendation of book."
-I have a link to "RevGot of waxes of lenscleanse about the antidotes of materialism"
-A review of a Peter Jones book now reads-"He was once Peter Jones was invited by my gathering to present a series of talks on the new movement of age and the evangile."
-Oddly enough this last one makes sense-"But as Christian we must be portion of different."



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