Monday, September 04, 2006

Ways I am not like Charles Haddon Spurgeon

It only seems fair, that if I listed ways I am like Charles Spurgeon I should also list ways I am not. None of these are to say I'm better than him. Spurgeon was a man whose ministry continues to be used by God.

-Spurgeon was British, I am Canadian.
-Spurgeon smoked cigars, I can't stand the smell of cigar smoke.
-Spurgeon became a Christian in his teens, I became one in my 20's.
-Spurgeon vacationed in France, I've never been to France.
-Spurgeon was a Baptist, I am a Presbyterian.
-Spurgeon's picture has been on magazine covers, as far as I know, mine has not.
-Spurgeon never flew in a 747, I have.
-Spurgeon never blogged, but I have, obviously.
-Spurgeon had a photographic memory, I forget where I read that.
-I have quoted Spurgeon, but as far as I know he never quoted me...

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Blogger Joel said...

It seems to me that "Baptist" and "Presbyterian" don't hold the same theological meanings today that they did in Spurgeon's time. Yes, there's a traceable thread in the denominations, but Protestants place much more emphasis on the specific doctrines than on denominational history anyway. And given how many Baptist groups have been shaky on predestination, it seems to me that you might fit better with Spurgeon's Presbyterians than with the Baptists of his time.

9:25 PM  
Blogger pilgrim said...

"Spurgeon's Presbyterians"?
I thought he was a Baptist.
(Or was thata typo.)

Anyway the Baptists in England had some controversies at that time and he withdrew from them/was tossed out--depending who you listen to.

But the basic points I was making here would have to do with the main differences between Baptists & Presbyterians then & now-
Ecclesiology & Baptism.

Yet both agree on the gospel, and then as now can fellowship.

The Baptists borrowed the Westminster OCnfession and changed very little--mostly on baptims & church geovernment.

11:05 PM  
Blogger Joel said...

No, it wasn't a typo; I just got the two backwards. Cyberdyslexia, or something. :)

10:06 AM  

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