Friday, September 01, 2006

Stuff in my Profile-Sports

Sports fall way below my interest in theology and history-especially on the importance scale--but I still like them--or some of them anyway.


I enjoy the strategy and the performance, the drama and the emotion.
They are a lot more real than so-called "Reality TV."

Yes most pro athletes are overpaid--some grossly. Many are spoiled brats. Ticket prices soar to ridiculous amounts in many leagues.

But--still some leagues have an intrigue that lures me to watch.

As for playing sports, well I'm not very athletic.
If I'm playing a sport most likely it's a computer game.
Which involves strategy again.

I find it interesting to follow along as the coaches and players play out the strategy with plans and counterplans. This is the main reason I don't find watching darts boring--there is a real strategy to the game.

My favorite sports to watch? Hockey & football.

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