Saturday, August 05, 2006

Episcopalians urge against diocese breaking away

I saw a link to this on James White's blog. In one way it's hardly surprising given recent history. In another it boggles the mind.

Here's the story. It's a reaction to those within the Episcopalian Church in the USA that want to be under the authority of more religiously conservative bishops. There are those that oppose them. And in their opposition they say things that make me shake my head, things like this-
"We take no position on Scripture or theology or morals," said Donna Bott, a leader of a group called Episcopal Voices of Central Florida, which sponsored the meeting. "We are just Episcopalians."
It brings up a question in my mind-If you take no position on Scripture or theology or morals, then why do you exist? What's the point? Why do you call yourself Episcopalian?

The history of the Episcopalian (Anglican) Church contains many Godly men and women through the years. Did they care about Scripture, theology or morals?

You bet they did.
Here's J.C. Ryle for starters.
Here's a list of writings by Ryle from CCEL (mentioned in the LOTW post below.)

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