Monday, July 10, 2006

LOTW July 10, 2006

(Links of the Whenever--or links whenever I post them.)

First CWiPP. This is the site of Peter Jones. The name stands for Christian Witness to a Pagan Planet. Jones is a gifted author and speaker on a variety of topics, but especially the New Age and how paganism is alive and well.

We tend to think of paganism as an ancient thing or a far off thing--Jones shows how it is in our midst. There are some excellent articles there and a list of his books. I have read many of them and heard him speak on more than one occasion, and God has used those times to bless and to edify. Go check the site out.

And just for fun-State Songs, if They All Suggested the Apathy of Idaho's "Here We Have Idaho." This one should explain itself. I laughed.

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