Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Return of LOTW

Here are the new Links of the Whenever (whenever I post them--formerly Links of the Week)

First up-
Christian Classics Ethereal Library. You may be aware of this already, maybe not. It's a compilation of Christian Writings across centuries of Church history. It's useful for research, learning, and devotion. There's both good and bad here-but mostly good. The not-so-good and bad is interesting from the historical viewpoint. It shows we keep making the same errors, giving credence to the saying that those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it.

Second up-
Logoserver. I've already expressed my interest in sports logos, here's a site that has a large number of new, old and in between logos. The quality isn't always great, but it shows a lot of logos and also shows the graphic development of logos over the years (for example, many late 60's to early 70's logos are obvious to guess when they were designed). It also shows the logo characteristcs of various sports-for example:
1)Baseball & Basketball logo designers seem more prone to gratuitous use of baseballs and basketballs in their logos than hockey logo designers feel compelled to throw in a puck.
2)Roller Hockey logos tend to be garish and/or tacky.

It's not the necessarily the best logo site out there--but it is probably the most exhaustive.

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