Saturday, August 05, 2006

Things in my Profile-Part 1-Theology

In a new series that I will post from time to time I will go through what I have listed in my profile, and hopefully explain why it's there, and what use or value it has. Partly in case you were wondering, and partly because they are things that interest me.

I'll start from the beginning-
The first thing I listed is under interests-Theology.

Why do I like theology?
1-If you love someone you want to know more about them-if you love God you should love theology. Yes, you can overdo it. You can get so involved in theology that you ignore God. You can forget to put theology into action. But let's not go too far and treat theology as a hindrance to loving God and serving Him--they should work hand in hand.
2-I love to read, and theology makes for interesting reading. It stimulates my mind, and it gives me things to think about-both wonderful and not so wonderful.
3-It can be corrective in my beliefs, actions, motives and thoughts. This helps me to better serve God and man. It is a protective against a danger mentioned in #1 above.
4-In the hands of a gifted author or speaker it can be exciting. Yes, exciting. Theology is the study of God, and by studying it I learn great things about God- things that excite me about His love, grace, forgiveness, etc.
5-It can drive me deeper into the Word. Why should I take an aithor or speaker's word for it--what does God's Word say?

I'm sure I could go on longer--but those are major reasons I enjoy theology.

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