Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Recommended Reading-A Golden Treasury of Puritan Devotion-compiled by Mariano Di Gangi

I wouldn’t be surprised that the word “Puritan” elicited a variety of reactions from different people. (Such as, "Puritans again!") Some may be excited, some may be turned off, and some may be confused. Regardless of your reaction-even if you haven’t heard of Puritans before, this is a wonderful book. The introduction gives a brief overview of who the Puritans really were, and clears up some misconceptions about them. If you find them confusing, boring, or if you have no idea who they were-please read the introduction. It will paint a true picture of the Puritans-and set the stage for what follows. The Puritans had hearts for God, and applied that to their lives. They were not “killjoys or prudes”, as Di Gangi points out, nor were they pessimists. The issues they faced have application today as well.

One of the knocks I hear about the Puritans is that they are hard to read—in some cases this is true, but not all cases. And even if the reading is hard-it is rewarding. Still if you find reading them difficult to read—this is a great place to start as Di Gangi has excerpted classic writings by 13 Puritans.

Their styles are different, and they cover a wide range of topics. This book allows you to sample each of them, and see if any of them pique your interest. Then you could go from there and check out that Puritan’s writing- (or those Puritans).
Their hearts are poured out on these pages as they were in all their writings that you may better know Christ, and that He may be glorified. Certainly lessons we can always use.

It's published by
P & R Publishing.


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