Friday, November 25, 2005

Book Recommendation-A Basket Of Fragments by Robert Murray Mc’Cheyne

I was delighted to find this book is still in print according to Christian Focus’ web site as my copy was printed in 1975. It is a collection of 37 sermons, and some hymns by Scottish preacher Robert Murray Mc’Cheyne (1813-43). (His name is spelled a variety of ways; I am using the spelling in my copy of this book).

Mc’Cheyne didn’t use a manuscript when he preached so these sermons are ones that listeners transcribed while he preached. Some are therefore only excerpts of that sermon, and many are quite short. They were later collected and published.

The heart of a godly man is revealed, and the glory of God is proclaimed. These would be valuable for study, devotions, or just for praising God.


Blogger Ian said...

M'Cheyne is a favourite of mine, and Basket of Fragments is really quite good.
Have you seen the three volume edition of some of his sermons recently published by Banner of Truth? They are outstanding. The first is on the OT, the second on the NT and the third is on Hebrews. All are very worth having.

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