Thursday, October 27, 2005

Unlike Doxoblogist, No Hillbillies on my site meter-AND an explanation of sorts

I have a list of articles to write for this--I have ones ready to post.
I just need to do them and stop checking all the thousands of other blogs I check daily and just post here!

Okay-I exaggerate. But I do find that after checking other blogs, and fulfilling responsibilities and other things I do--it seems quite late by the time I get around to posting, and lately I just leave it until the next day. So I'm going to add some content now, and make a valiant attempt to add more in the days to come. That content should be better than this article.

Now to explain the article title. First check out one of the blogs I read rather than post here-Doxoblogist
Almost 2 weeks ago he posted -this article about his site meter

So I signed up to check it out. Well nobody's been referred here by searching for hillbillies--but many have visited here from his blog. Most of the visits here, (And thank you for dropping by), get referred from other bloggers links to my site and my Blogger profile from comments I write.

I do get a share from searches by Google, MSN, Blogger, and Technorati.
There are a sizable amount of blocked or unknowns as well.
My strangest I will not post here--I'm not sure how a site that has the name that one does would refer to here. I also had referrals from a Roman Catholic blog, a Computer sports site, and a discussion board.

I've had visits from all the continents except South America and Antarctica.
So again, thanks to all who read these articles. May God use them for His glory-even though I'd wonder how He would do that with some of them.


Blogger Jeremy Weaver said...

It's very humbling to see where people who visit and read are coming from.
I pray as well that God be glorified through the things I write.
My blog started as more or less a joke, but seems to have taken on a life of its own. It's a good way to learn, teach, and fellowship alongside of others across the world.

11:15 AM  

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