Saturday, June 03, 2006

Habitat for Humanity and Serving Others

Over at the Sojourner blog. Brad Williams asked for comments about Habitat for Humanity. There was an objection raised that they build houses for people living in sin. There's a short discussion about it, and I left a comment.
(The post is here)

I don't have a problem with supporting them, and don't think that's supporting those living any "lifestyle" I wouldn't condone. It's about helping others in a tangible way. The bonding some in our Church had was valuable as well.

ByFaith magazine has an article online, Covenant College Students Build Habitat for Humanity House.

Go read it. (Their house is for a single mother.)
Yes, use discernment, but don't let misplaced morality stop you from helping others.
Be like those students and serve others-it doesn't have to be through Habitat.
But as Christians we do need to be serving others.

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