Thursday, May 11, 2006

Where does the time go?

I'm amazed at the time that has passed since I last posted anything new here.
There have been days I was going to post something, but something else ccame up, and other times I didn't feel too well.

I mostly thought it was just being tired, but things worked out differently. The other day I was planning on blogging that night after supper. When I got home I felt awful. I wasn't just tired, I was sick. I had felt the same way a few years ago when the apartment I lived in at the time had a mold problem.

Have you ever had oen of those days? I was only going to lay down for a few minutes before supper. The next thing I know it was early morning, about 2 hours before I normally get up for work. God knew what I needed, and made sure I got it.

So after that, I'm back for some more posts.
(And trying to make sure I'm not up too late tonight.)


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