Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Links of the week

Each week I will try to post 2 links not found in my link section.
One will be to a Christian/religion/theological type site.
The other will be to a "non-religious" or secular site.

These are not necessarily the best posts around--but just something to possibly add variety to your surfing experiences-I will make comments on the links as I do not necessarily fully endorse each link-(Nor would they necessarily endorse the opinions given in this blog.)

Link #1-

Ever wonder how various buildings, fictional characters, air vehicles, etc would look next to each other and seen on the same scale?
Then check this out--the pictures, as the name implies, are on a scale of one pixel=one meter. If you're a Star Wars or Star Trek fan there are references to both. I can not speak for the rest of the site this is on, as I haven't checked it out.

Link #2-

Answers in Genesis

This is primarily a presuppositional look at creation and evolution. Sometimes the articles get technical, and sometimes get bogged down in details, but overall a site I would recommend to any who are looking into creation and evolution. There's a lot of information here-hopefully it makes you think. And there's a cartoon too.


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