Thursday, September 08, 2005

What the world needs now-is blog, sweet blog

A horrible pun of sorts to start things off.

So why am I joining the so-called blogosphere?

Well--why not?

Do I think I am wittier, smarter, more qualified than everybody else out there?

No, I don't. But we all bring our own individual perspectives to things, and I guess that's what I will offer.
I am a western Canadian.
I am a reformed Christian, but I didn't grow up as one-I left a religious tradition I now regard as false--but I do not hold any grudges. My parents were sincere in their convictions, as I am as well. But you can be sincerely wrong. I pray I am not.
I may not match your preconceptions of any of those things, I may be exactly what you expect.

I will use this space as noted above--to recommend fine authors and their works, and to add comments on anything I think needs commenting on.

I am now tired of writing about myself.
Check back later for my first real post.

And Thanks for coming out.


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