Friday, September 09, 2005

It should go without saying, but then again...

Just a note on the links to the right. They are there for purposes of edification, notification and identification. Basically it's sharing-here are some sites you can go to and get something from.

Now, do I agree with 100% of what's on those sites?
No, but overall I can recommend them in good conscience.
But like everything on the internet I would urge caution and discernment. (I would include this blog in that warning as well).

I may add and subtract links to keep them fresh and to avoid a long list of them.

Links inside a post may not be to sites I would recommend, but are there for reference purposes.

So why did I post this? Is it necessary?

I wish to make plain to everybody who comes here why the links are there.
In the past I have run into problems not clarifying such things.

Carry on.


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