Thursday, June 15, 2006

Stuff on blogs I've been reading

Just a quick round up of some good stuff-

Clint at Cowboylogy posts a translation on the Church Father Irenaeus
Irenaeus, Systematics and Spiritual Friendship

Daniel at Doulogos has this post asking, "Did The Law...
...produce righteousness in Christ?"

Guy at Exiled Preacher has some interesting points to consider in
PowerPoint and the death of preaching

RevGot of lenscleanse waxes about materialism antidotes
(The link is to the comments page as I didn't see a link to just the post--still you can read it there.)
RevGot & Dan of Spudfiles both review Sovereign Grace Music’s CD "Worship God - Live"-RevGot's is here, and Dan's is here.

While he has a lot of serious material, Kim Riddlebarger often has humour on his Riddleblog. Here's A fashion statement

The Catechizer at The Wittenberg Door has this excellent post on

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Blogger RevGoT said...

Thanks for your kind links to my blog. I'm learning so much that I hope it's not just for my benefit.

We Reformed types often feel alone out here. Thanks for being another voice crying/blogging in the wilderness.


6:58 PM  

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